Winner For The Year 2020 In Responsive Design The Shed Header

The awards ceremony will take place during the ‘Architecture in Foyer 2020’ conference at the Solarlux Campus in Germany (Melle, Lower Saxony, Germany) on April 23–24, 2020. The conference will be hosted by Solarlux GmbH (the partner of the awards) and will consist of an exhibition of the results of the ‘Design that Educates Awards,’ lectures by distinguished architects and designers, laureates’ presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. Participation in the awards ceremony is free of charge (registration is required).

This year international architects and artists will give presentations on their diverse portfolios. Among them there will be Vinu Daniel (WALLMAKERS, India), David Macullo (Davide Macullo Architects, Switzerland), Anastasia Elrouss (Anastasia Elrouss Architects, Lebanon), Christoph Richter and Jan Musikowski (Richter Musikowski, Germany), Kilian Kada (kadawittfeldarchitektur, Germany) and Theo Jansen (strandbeest, Netherlands).

Due to the rapid development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, however, please follow our social media for any possible updates. Thank you /DtEA Curators