Submit your design to the awards.
Project submission deadline: February 5, 2020 (extended)

Before submitting your design, please make sure to register.

Register for the awards

In the field of “Registration Id” please include your identification number received during the registration, this will allow us to connect your registration payment with your submissions. If you registered for more than one project, please submit each project separately using this form and providing the same “Registration Id”.

The submission consists of the following files: 1) images of your design saved as JPG files in RGB mode with 200 dpi (up to 5 files, participants are free to decide about the graphical composition and content of the graphical files); 2) description of your design saved as DOC file (up to 500 words); 3) information about the author(s) saved as DOC file (eg. team members, companies, credits for photos etc.). The set of all files should not be larger than 10 MB in sum.

The awards are a multidisciplinary call for ideas and implementations in the categories of (1) architectural design, (2) product design, (3) universal design, and (4) responsive design.

We will send you a confirmation of our receipt of the materials within 48 hours. Participation is equivalent to acceptance of Guidelines and Privacy Policy. Having difficulties? Please contact us at

Download brief (PDF)