Winner: Futurium Berlin. Richter Musikowski Architekten PartGmbB


Special Recognition: National Museum in Szczecin – Dialogue Centre Przełomy. Robert Konieczny KWK Promes

04 Honorable Mention Tower Of Bricks Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Tower of Bricks. Interval Architects


Winner: Smog Free Project. Studio Roosegaarde


Special Recognition: The Airship Series: Sensorial Learning Spaces. Breathe Earth Collective


Special Recognition: Ecocapsule

Medprostor Arhitekti Hisa Hribljane 2018

Honorable Mention: Hribljane House. Medprostor d.o.o.

13 Honorable Mention Unikato Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Unikato. Robert Konieczny KWK Promes

06 Honorable Mention Ecd&f Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: ECD&F Centers. ASA Design Ltd – Active Social Architecture

07 Honorable Mention Swisshouse Rossa Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: SWISSHOUSE XXII ROSSA. Davide Macullo Architects

09 Honorable Mention Haven House Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Haven House. A Gateway in the Rocks. Anastasia Elrouss Architects

08 Honorable Mention Community Center Camburi Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Community Center Camburi. CRU! Architects – Bamboostic

07 Honorable Mention Saline Machine Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Saline Machine. Fabian Partoll, Lukas Strigl

08 Honorable Mention Interspecific Education Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Interspecific Education. David Stieler

09 Finalist Social Justice Media Thumbnail

Finalist: Social [Justice] Media. Jungwoo Ji (EUS+ Architects), Bosuk Hur (Folio), Suk Lee

04 Honorable Mention Today We Eat A Cow Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Today we eat a cow! Katharina Karras

05 Honorable Mention Tru Unity Handle Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Tru Unity Handle. TruRegard ltd

06 Honorable Mention Histheory Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: HISTHEORY. Bokor Gyöngyi, Csizmadia Zsolt, Kókai András, Mihalkovics Edina, Pipei Borbála, Szilágyi András


Winner: SIMS (Snap-Interlock Modular System). Jin Young Song Dioinno Architecture PLLC


Special Recognition: LET’S MAKE IT VISIBLE. Elena Khloptseva, Asya Dyro

03 Honorable Mention Frozen Mountain Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: FROZEN MOUNTAIN. Napp Studio

12 Honorable Mention Chirath Residence Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: CHIRATH RESIDENCE. Vinu Daniel, WALLMAKERS

15 Finalist Tetris Nursery (1) Thumbnail

Finalist: Tetris Nursery. IROJE KHM Architects

14 Finalist Children Eco Village Thumbnail

Finalist: Children Eco-Village. O2 DESIGN ATELIER SDN. BHD.

10 Honorable Mention Exterior Skin Wynwood Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Exterior Skin Design for the Wynwood Mixed-Use Building and Parking Garage. FAULDERS STUDIO

11 Honorable Mention Residence Trivandrum Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Residence in Trivandrum. Vinu Daniel, WALLMAKERS

03 Honorable Mention Corridors Mosul Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: The corridors of Mosul (Iraq). Post-war Reconstruction Strategy. Maria Abi Raad

06 Honorable Mention Robotic Habitats Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Robotic Habitats. Noumena; Aldo Sollazzo, Stuart Maggs, Eugenio Bettucchi, Marco Sanalitro, Gianluca Pugliese, Pavel Aguilar, Laura Civetti, Federica Ciccone, Laura Ruggeri, Angel Muñoz, Cristian Rizzuti, Adrien Rigobello, Jessica Diaz

04 Honorable Mention Tower Harvesting Water Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Connecting with Clean Water. A Tower for Harvesting Water. Salim El Filali, Amirhesam Monshi

05 Honorable Mention Egg Shaped Cradle Thumbnail

Honorable Mention: Egg-shaped Cradle. Cai-In Interior Design Co., Ltd.


Solarlux Choice: The Alternative Way to Educate. IntuyLab; Jose Cepero, Hannah Klug, Walter Soto, Giancarlo Pava; collaboration: IRGE Stuttgart university, Alto Peru community, Association Project Alto Peru, Sto-Stiftung


Winner: SOAR – VR Kit for Education. Jaewan Choi

10 Finalist Three Cubes Thumbnail

Finalist: Three Cubes in the Forest. Kotoaki Asano, Toyohito Shibamura

17 Finalist Haddad Compound Thumbnail

Finalist: Haddad Compound. Anastasia Elrouss Architects

16 Finalist Kaeng Krachan Library Thumbnail

Finalist: Kaeng Krachan Library. Junsekino Architect and Design