The host of the awards is Laka Foundation (KRS: 0000639902, EU VAT No. PL6381817438, Fabryka Porcelany, Porcelanowa 23, 40-246 Katowice, Poland), a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization. The official website of the awards ( includes information about the theme, awards, jury, schedule, fees, submission requirements, and awards ceremony. Contact the organizer at

The awards are open to everyone. Participants can submit multiple designs in the same category, multiple designs in different categories, or a single design in more than one category, and in teams or individually. There is no limit as to the number of participants per team. Each submission must be registered separately. Underage persons must apply through their legal guardians. Persons involved in the awards organization and jury (and their relatives and employees) cannot participate. Projects must be submitted in English. Projects submitted after the deadline for submissions will not be taken into account.

Fees and participation
Participation is equivalent to (1) acceptance of these guidelines, (2) declaring possession of copyright to the project, (3) consent to personal data processing for the purposes of the awards, and (4) consent to publish the entered project according to the license described below. Teams consisting of professionals and students should select the category of “team of professionals.” Categories for students are available until one year after graduation. The registration fees are nonrefundable (except fees transferred after the deadline for registration). Registration fees support the development of the awards.

The organizer will contact the winners by email to obtain details for payments. Cash awards have been specified on the awards’ website. The organizer will pay the tax on awards in the country of its business activity (information about the gross and net values of the cash awards will be presented on the website). Participants are obliged to send the requested details within one month. Cash awards will be transferred to the winners’ bank accounts or PayPal accounts.

On the awards’ website, the organizer includes information about the jury members and the evaluation criteria. The decision of the jury will be final. The winners will be announced on the website and notified via email.

Participants retain their full moral rights to the submitted projects and grant a free license to the organizer in order to allow the promotion of the results. The organizer is obliged to include the authors’ names each time it uses the license. The license has no time or territorial restrictions and can be used in the following fields: (1) public display, presentation, reproduction, and making the work available to the public; (2) making copies of the work (printing, reprographic, magnetic recording, digital techniques); and (3) using the work and its fragments for the awards’, participants’, and organizer’s promotion. The organizer cannot modify the submitted projects in any way without their authors’ consent.

Personal information
Participants’ personal information is processed according to the Privacy Policy. While publishing the results, the organizer will include the participants’ personal information: names, countries, and (if provided) information about their schools, companies, and professions. Any other personal information about participants will not be made available to any third party.