Winner For The Year 2020 In Universal Design Acoustic Mirrors Header

Acoustic Mirrors

Winner for the year 2020 in universal design

Design architecture: LAX laboratory for architectural experiments (Anna Grajper, Sebastian Dobiesz)
Photos credits: Maciej Lulko

Description (parts): “The main purpose of the project “The Boulevard of Physicists” was to give a new educational role to the historical boulevard of prof. Zwierzycki in the city centre of Wroclaw, through the function of the Garden of Physical Experiments. This goal was achieved by placing a set of interactive physical installations with different properties in its space. The second aim was to maximize the functionality of the area by the new path between the trees, which provides a convenient access to the designed physical/interactive installations and improves contact with the edge of the Odra river embankment. (…). The Acoustic Mirrors at the Boulevard of Physicists are one of the biggest individually designed acoustic mirrors in the world, shaped as permanent elements of the public space in the city (…).”

Project Gallery:


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