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Archizo – Bronze Prize in product design

Design: Marta Nowacka (art historian, historic preservation officer)

Co-curator: Łukasz Orzechowski (a computer graphic designer, copywriter and marketer)
Team: Tomasz Jakubczak and Katarzyna Piątkowska
Photo credits: Marta Nowacka


Archizo – what is it?

Archizo blocks is an educational jigsaw puzzle, which helps users to learn about the components of world-class architectural facades in the form of blocks made of colorful acrylic glass or ecological playwood. It is also an urban gadget. The product is visually attractive, innovative and elegant in its aesthetics.   Archizo Blocks – created for education Archizo blocks was developed by Marta Nowacka – art historian, historic preservation officer, pedagogue and cultural manager. She was establishing an original curriculum of workshops in the field of architectural identity. She needed an teaching aid, but she could not buy it. In the end she designed Archizo blocks, because no such teaching aid existed previously that would allow to effectively convey knowledge about the history of architecture. The Archizo blocks were used to complete over 200 workshops.

Archizo – how it works?

The Archizo blocks are cut to emphasize the various zones of the represented object. Each architectural detail is rendered through precisely engraved and cut lines. As a result, the puzzle is a perfect representation of the actual building. ​With facades carefully divided to emphasize their architectonic elements, Archizo Blocks is something more than a jigsaw puzzle. Archizo offers educational value, laying out the architectural design and structure of each represented object.  Archizo – engaging gadget   Assembled, the Archizo blocks set also becomes an aesthetically pleasing, elegant decorative object, ideal not just for viewing, but also for tactile experience. The recipient watches the item that he has previously put together. As a result, Archizo Blocks is the ultimate and engaging gadget, souvenir, and ornament to complete the décor of an office, living room, or studio, as well as being an educational puzzle.

Archizo – the next step

We are currently implementing a new version of Archizo Blocks for blind people as part of the workshop program we developed under the title: Visible – Invisible Łódź – Architecture that rehabilitates.