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Beelieve Preschool for Life – Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: 3Arquitectura y Asociados, S.C.

Authors: Arq. Rafael Plascencia, Arq. Marco García, Arq. Oswin Guzmán
Collaborators: Arq. Juan Carlos Cervantes, Arq. Tizoc Reyes Interior design: Fernanda Orozco
Photo credits: Leonardo Finotti


In order to respond, through architecture, to the “Reggio Emilia” philosophy and to integrate this pedagogy into the program, the architectural language of Beelieve manages to add key spaces for the creation of dynamic and sensory educational contexts, which make this project is an iconic element among the school buildings in the city of Guadalajara. Beelieve invites users, through its inclusive design, to explore and explore space, to discover new dynamics through experimentation and interaction with nature, where small gardens generate a relationship between interior and exterior spaces that allows contact with vegetation, elements that are part of the integral development of children. It is on the first floor of the building a garden with orchards and playgrounds is set up, which extends to the Colomos Park, thus generating the perception of forest continuity entering the space. Reinforcing the idea of ​​the integration of nature, in the main access, there is a large tree that crosses the roof and welcomes children and parents upon arrival. In the central courtyard, a roof defined by a large circular opening defines the space geometrically and seeks to create a bond of unity between children of different grades and classrooms. The spaces are not only destined for a specific activity, but these are flexible and dynamic, this is how space becomes a tool that contributes to generating an appropriate learning environment. Through a circuit of linear ramps, you can access the three levels of the building and travel them safely and expeditiously. The use of low maintenance materials (apparent and elementary) such as concrete, brick and wood, speak of the honesty and aesthetics of the space.