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Camp Barker Memorial

Honorable mention in universal design

Design architecture: After Architecture (Katie MacDonald & Kyle Schumann) Structural Engineer: Yun Associates LLC Client: Washington D.C. Department of General Services Narrative Bronze Bas Relief Panels: Sculptor Vinnie Bagwell
Photos credits: Sam Oberter Photography

Description (parts): “In a time when the role of monuments, particularly those to the Civil War, is being debated by many in the United States, this project aims to shed light on oppression rather than celebrate valor in battle, in turn developing an architectural approach distinct from the classical language and materiality of American monuments. The Camp Barker Memorial answers a project brief for the design of three entry gateways to an elementary school in northwest Washington, D.C. by framing the site’s history as Camp Barker, a Civil War ‘contraband camp.’ Union forces used the term contraband to describe formerly enslaved persons, who were considered captured enemy property. While the site’s original buildings were built as barracks for Union soldiers, they were soon transformed into housing for those escaping slavery. Living conditions in the camp were harsh but gave rise to the enduring community of the surrounding neighborhood (…).”

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