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Candlestick Egg-Urns – Honorable mention in product design

Design: UrbanRIP (Agnes Galas)

Photo credits: UrbanRIP


Cremation urns reinvented for your home We tapped into decades of wisdom and reinvented the traditional funeral urn. We used the classic egg-shape, because of its universal appeal and applied it to the funeral industry, with the aim to gently shift views of the stigma on death. Our urns are a portal; reflecting modern consumer taste, combined with a visual diary of a family’s experiences. Good design doesn’t start and end with the aesthetic of our products, it trickles into the overall experience provided by beauty and art – because no one needs to know what is held within. Original and innovative: These patent-pending Candlestick Egg-Urns have a “modular threaded” design, ensuring versatility for personalization, by adding urns within the same candlestick, removing and/or interchanging certain parts to create a unique individual design. How it works: YouTube video links https://youtu.be/twqxIeXITJU https://youtu.be/ContFNJ7WiA https://youtu.be/Z5Q4EmSvxts • The Candlestick Egg-urns are handcrafted by Canadian artisans using solid bars of U.S. 304 stainless steel. • All parts are hand-fed through a CNC, all components are polished by hand, delivering a mirror finish. • Flawless colour achieved through 4mm of powder coating, then baked twice; this process also provides incredible durability and high scratch resistance. • Cremated ashes are protected inside a 3.2″ tall 304-stainless-steel Egg-Urn that weighs 1.10 pounds. • Our Candlestick Egg-Urns are available as a single Candlestick Egg-Urn or in sets of two and sets of three. • Each Egg-Urn holds approximately 8 tsps of cremated ashes. Our products do not resemble traditional funeral urns, they’re modern-classic “discreet interiors” that organically fit within a home’s décor. This “Ash-Sharing” urn is created to be interchangeable, modular, stackable and more than one urn can be placed within the same candlestick – ensuring versatility for personalization, so each creation is unique. It can be modified by adding or removing components within each Candlestick Egg-Urn or set. Our designs are discreet…because it’s your story to keep or speak. Captivates the user with a positive experience and ultimately benefit society: • U.S. NFDA projects by 2035, cremation will be at a staggering 77.8% throughout the U.S. • One in five North American’s keep cremated-remains at home, typically the cremated-remains are kept out of sight. • Scattering Memorials and intimate farewell-celebrations are replacing traditional funerals. • Family/friends often keep small amounts of their loved one’s ashes; to safeguard, visit, and remember. • Many people find it hard to regularly pay their respects due to distance and busy lives. • Pet memorials: most of us think of our fur-babies as precious family members as well. Why a Candlestick? • Candlesticks have a natural place in our everyday life when we share, celebrate, or grieve. • A burning light brings comfort to the memory of our loved one, on special occasions and every day. Why the egg shape? • Designed in the shape of an egg because of its universal appeal. • The idea that the universe was born from an egg is shared by nearly all ancient civilizations. • An egg is the beginning of all life forms, a seed with a promise of rebirth and hope.