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Copenhill: Amager Bakke – Winner for the year 2020 in architectural design

Design: Architect: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group; Partners in charge: Bjarke Ingels, David Zahle, Jakob Lange, Brian Yang; Project leaders: Jesper Boye Andersen, Nanna Gyldholm Møller, Claus Hermansen

Landscape architect: SLA; Partner in charge: Rasmus Astrup; Project leader: Rasmus Grandelag Collaborators: Copenhill A/S, Malmos, MOE, Rambøll, Jesper Kongshaug, BIG Ideas, AKT, Topotek 1, Lüchinger+Mayer, Man Made Land, Realities:United
Client: Amager Ressourcecenter (ARC) and Fonden Amager Bakke
Photos credits: Rasmus Hjortshøj

Description (parts): “The project – also known as ‘Amager Bakke’ – is a waste-to-energy plant with an urban recreation center comprising a lush nature park, ski slope, hiking trail, the world’s tallest climbing wall as well as an environmental education hub. Copenhill is a 41,000 m 2 waste-to-energy plant that turns social infrastructure into an architectural landmark with new nature activities and high biodiversity. Copenhill is conceived as a public infrastructure with intended social side-effects from day one (…). In 2019, replacing the adjacent 50-year old Amager Ressourcecenter (ARC), Copenhill’s new sustainable waste incinerating facilities integrate the latest technologies in waste treatment and energy production.

Due to its location on the industrial waterfront of Amager, where raw industrial facilities have become the site for extreme sports from wakeboarding to go-kart racing, the new power plant adds new nature activities such as skiing, hiking, rock climbing and a lush nature park to thrill seekers’ wish lists (…). The different types of habitat are specially selected to meet the nature park’s challenging living conditions and to provide optimal microclimate and wind conditions for the visitors on the roof. The result is a wild, lush and hardy nature design that allows for the use of the roof park year-round, while creating a sensuousness and varied environment for all nature activities on the hill. Beneath the slopes and nature roof park, whirring furnaces, steam, and turbines convert 440,000 tons of waste annually into enough clean energy to deliver electricity and district heating for 100,000 homes.”