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Escuelita Buganvilia

Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: CÚRE & PENABAD Team: Carlos Berrios, Adib Cúre, Carie Penabad, Catherine O’Sullivan Contractor: Ingenio Magdalena (in house team); Consultants: ARUP Engineers, Basulto and Associates; Client: Escuelita Buganvilia; Design collaboration: Pro bono collaboration with Fundación Educativa
Photo credits: Carlos Domenech

Description (parts): “Situated on the remote and beautiful southwestern coast of Guatemala, the new classroom prototype serves a growing rural community, that up until recently had limited access to formal education. The design is a collaboration between the architects, a local non for profit agency, the community and the School’s director to address increased enrollment and an existing deteriorating physical facility. The project is conceived with the belief that access to education is a critical component in combating poverty; and as such Architecture can play an important role in educating and improving society (…). Since its completion, the School has been able to accommodate nearly double the number of students and enrollment continues to increase. Phases II and III of the project will complete the masterplan by creating a new educational precinct, solidifying the school’s role as an educational and cultural center for the community (…).”

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