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Experimenta Heilbronn

Special recognition in architectural design

Design: Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin (Matthias Sauerbruch, Louisa Hutton, Juan Lucas Young) Project managers Andrew Kiel, Peter Apel; Team: Jürgen Bartenschlag, Marc Broquetas Maduell, Stefan Fuhlrott, Falco Herrmann, Viviane Hülsmeier, Axel Ibarroule, Rémi Jalade, Nils Lindhorst, Patrick Mc Hugh, Felix Partzsch, Jimi Pazos Estevez, Tanja Reiche-Hoppe, Amalia Sanchez, Christian Seidel, Marina Stoynova, Markus Weber, Waldemar Wilwer Client: Schwarz Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG
Photo credits: Jan Bitter

Description (parts): “This emblematic building stands at the centre of Heilbronn, on an island in the River Neckar, near the area where the Bundesgartenschau 2019 took place. It is conceived as a helical sequence of spaces offering an experience that is finely choreographed between the interior of the building and the surrounding landscape (…). The Experimenta building is like a spatial tool for learning and understanding, whose architecture underlines the educational purpose of the science centre. The building itself functions as an illustrative object that demonstrates the overcoming of gravity, the reaction to sun and light, the protection against weather, heat and cold and finally the architectural space and its relationship to human scale. In its interior and exterior appearance, it reflects an experimental approach to space and construction. It stimulates scientific curiosity by directing the view out into the distance, while at the same time focusing the gaze inwards, right down to the microscopic scale. Thus, on multiple levels, the Experimenta presents an architecture that truly educates.”

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