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Harmonic Table

Honorable mention in product design

Design: Julien Prudhomme (architect, sound artist)
Photos credits: Julien Prudhomme (architect, sound artist)

Description (parts): “The Harmonic Table was born by introducing the sound as a founding material of its original design. It is the synthesis between an urban furniture, a sculpture and an instrument which commits itself to a participative usage, playful and contemplative; the table acts as a sound force of attraction in the public space. The table is conceived according to the leitmotiv “Form follows Sound”. Thanks to its horizontal plane subdivided in membranes covering some resonator crates, the table goes beyond its urban furniture nature to reveal itself as a sound percussive object. Visually, the variation of the joined modules, like an inverted topography, offers a dynamic aesthetic to the passer-by, provoking curiosity (…).”

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