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House of lights

Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: Anastasia Elrouss Architects
Photo credits: Anastasia Elrouss Architects

Description (parts): “Creating a new cultural building in a capital can be either an epiphenomenon or a founding event for a future collective memory. By the immediate appropriation of the place which will make the inhabitants and the users the best ambassadors of the project, by the new activities generated, what could have been only a simple building becomes a monument, with strong symbolic and strategic value. The best evidence is already the choice of the location, Tauras Hill, which unites history and geography, the two components that justify and explain the creation and development of cities. Geography, of course, makes Tauras Hill both a marker in the landscape and an urban element since it is both the capitol and acropolis of Vilnius, uniting the history with the cemetery. Tauras Hill, with the National Concert Hall project, will continue to embody the past – respecting it – and will become the symbol of the resilience of Vilnius, active capital, alive, creative, open to innovation, exemplary, environmental, and bold in its architectural choices. “The House of Lights” project responds to all these issues and bears all these symbolic values (…).”

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