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Jenga House

Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: Matra Architects and Rurban Planners, Architect: Verendra Wakhloo
Photo credits: Edmund Sumner, Saurabh Suryan-Lokesh Dang

Description (parts): “Inspiration: Cities have always been the culmination of great civilizations. Today, under immense pressure by ever-increasing population, economic exploitation, congestion of urban fabric and dysfunctional development of infrastructure, the window for benevolent creativity seems to be narrowing down. New orders are emerging, leaving us with discomfort and great anxiety (…). The growing densification in residential areas are affecting nearly all Indian cities and the subsequent pressure on the infrastructure demands rethinking of the existing building types. Change in the pattern of living and trend towards maximizing covered area tend to further erode more quality space (…). The entire methodology of generating the comprehensive form is based on chiselling out vertical and horizontal volumes, enabling light penetration, vistas, insertion of structure/services and hanging gardens within (…).”

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