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Silver Prize in responsive design

Design: Jason Kelly Johnson and Nataly Gattegno (FUTUREFORMS) Team: Ji Ahn, Fernando Amenedo, Nat Abbott, Ripon DeLeon, Laura Dell’Anno, Joel Frank, Jeff Maeshiro, Brian McKinney, Carlos Sabogal, Emily Saunders, Collin Schupman Consultants: Endrestudio (Structural Engineering), Maramoja (Interaction), MC Dean (Electrical Engineering).
Photo credits: Image 3: Photograph by Sam Kittner; Image 5: Photograph by Sam Kittner; all other images by FUTUREFORMS

Description (parts): “Lightweave is a large urban chandelier that snakes through a pedestrian underpass, and is bound by the sidewalk, multiple train track lines above, bicycle and vehicular travel lanes, and a large stone wall. The project takes on multiple parameters, by occupying the amorphous volume between jurisdictions and uses. It is both a sculptural canopy and a light fixture that emits enough light to safely move pedestrians through; it is artwork that beautifies and activates the underpass, and a way to render an otherwise dark and unwelcoming space safe and well-lit (…). Lightweave translates ambient sounds from the city into dynamic auroras of patterned LED light. Slowly changing effects are activated by the noise and vibration of passing trains, cars and other sounds from the neighborhood. Lightweave animates the underpass and creates a meditative and interactive urban experience (…).”

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