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Municipal Toy Library of Dólar

Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: Carquero Arquitectura (Carlos Quevedo Rojas, Carlos Peinado Madueño) Collaborators: Miguel Rodríguez Muñoz / Donatella La Riccia (Architects); Technical Architect: Jorge González Herrera; Contractor: Ayuntamiento de Dólar (Program of Promotion Agrarian Employment) Client: Ayuntamiento de Dólar
Photo credits: Carlos Koblischek

Description (parts): “The Municipal Toy Library of Dólar (Granada, Spain, 640 inhabitants) has been projected with a low budget (450 €/m2), subsidized with funds of agrarian employment for unemployed people. The plot is located in the south perimeter of this town of Guadix’s region, with a form of arch that is opened to the rural landscape in the skirt of Sierra Nevada and that it´s leaned in one property line. A major problem in Spain is rural depopulation in agricultural areas. Socially, the project arises from the local administration and the creation of this leisure space for the children of the village and the promotion of the birth through unemployed people (…).”

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