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Ocean Community – Honorable mention in responsive design

Design: Wojciech Morsztyn
Images Credits:  Wojciech Morsztyn

Description (parts): In the next 10 to 15 years rising sea levels could bring irreplaceable changes to our environment. Climate change and global warming are leading to rising oceans. People from coastal areas are in threat of losing their land, possessions, and hope for change. Reports are alarming, millions of people worldwide are in danger of rising sea levels, particularly in Asia where cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Osaka, Singapore could be flooded due to global warming. Climate Central Estimate reports that 275 million people worldwide live in areas that will eventually be flooded due to 3C of global warming. Ocean community is a future mobility vision to deal with rising sea levels. By creating mobile domestic naval units, we transform a disaster zone into a habitable space, using the ocean as a living space. The creation of these new structures will serve as a fully functional living space and be connected with existing infrastructure on land. New ocean communities reside in the ocean, becoming a natural extension of coastal cities. Units are located 800m from the coastlines, close enough for everyday life on land. Due to living on the ocean we need all facilities from the land, they can be created as modules based in the stationary centre. They can be released and detached to the units and by the requesting users, e.g: If the user from the unit wants to have a session on the gym their need to use the application request for the available time and wait until the autonomous module will arrive and connect to the unit. After attached is ready to be used. Concept aiming to create small units floating and sailing on the water. A fully autonomous system can easily provide facilities which we using on land such as Laundry, shopping, transport, entertainment, cinemas, etc. Ocean community is divided into 4 living units and the docking platform. There are 8 users: 2 people per unit. Docking Platform is a central point, which supplies units with fresh water, electricity and the possibility of recycling the waste. This Platform is chained to the ocean floor which can help to stabilise and to move with the water flow. A small community can have a positive impact on people, it creates a scene of cooperation and social activities. Due to this solution, any living unit can be easily detached and relocated on a short distance. The living units use sustainable energy such as water, sun and wind. Rainwater can be isolated by the drainage system but also can be collected into the water filtration storage underneath the floor. Sun energy is adsorbed from the embedded photovoltaic array installed in the rooftop. Energy from the wind is working as a cooling system to keep the stabilised temperature inside the unit and to prevent the formation of mould. The units can be easily re-purpose and adopt as an architectural unit on land. Internal parts can be reinstalled and add to the new context to extend the life of this product.

Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/334414857