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Phenotype 002 – Honorable mention in product design

Design: In Silico (Maciej Nisztuk)

Photos credits: Weronika Trojanowska


PHENOTYPE 002 Material: polished brass Dimensions: 80 x 79 x 35 mm Weight: 51,984 g Internal diameter of the bracelet: Ø 65,5 mm —INFORMATION ON THE PIECES— Form of Phenotype bracelets results from the digital simulation of biological growth. Using specialized algorithms bracelets shapes are created. The prototypes are materialized through 3D printing. Final objects are created using craft techniques: objects are hand cast in metal, polished and finished. By combining generative design, digital fabrication and crafts, I create jewellery inspired by biological structures and physical processes occurring in the micro and macro scale. By observing the perfect simplicity of nature I emulate its unique forms. First, the digital model is created using the algorithmic representation of bone tissue growth, then the form is 3d printed using SLA technology and castable wax. The subsequent step is the casting process concluded with the hand cleaning, polishing and finishing. Combination of craft with computational design and digital fabrication allows the creation of objects showing not only the complexity of generative forms but also precision and reproducibility of digital fabrication and craftsmanship care for aesthetics and functionality. I call this connection Generative Craft.