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Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: Büro für Bauform, Team: Jürgen Lehmeier, Eddie Klotz, Benedikt Weigmann, Carmen Selaru Statics: Valentin Maier Bauingenieure AG; Energy consulting: Winfried Thör / Eddie Klotz; Plants consulting: Mathias Mathwig
Photo credits: Praxis d’Architecture Markus Vogt, Stefan Riedl, Judith Lehmeier

Description (parts): “Upward extension of World War II damaged building with an integrated rooftop garden in a lightweight steel structure. The building proposes an answer on how people could be living in the future. The rooftop garden increases the biodiversity of cities, enhances the air quality and cools down the building through shading and water vaporization. Furthermore, the residents can use the garden to grow vegetables and fruits. All the inhabitants are meant to contribute to the farming and maintenance of the plants (…). Future oriented housing: There is an urgent need for changing the attitude and consciousness towards food and agriculture, as well as towards the global food production industry. All of which go hand in hand with the problem of climate change. Topics like food revolution, sustainability and alternative means of transportation are becoming more present in people’s minds (…).”

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