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Honorable mention in product design

Design: Ralf Lambie, garment technician: Maartje Louwers, logo design: Anna Hoving
Photo credits: (product) Lucie Beck, (portrait) Judith Snel

Description (parts): “These days, we don’t seem to be able to function without our phones. This phenomenon triggered designer Ralf Lambie to create SAMEN: The social tablecloth that encourages people to ignore their phones while eating. The special pockets in the tablecloth work like a Faraday Cage: no messages or calls come in, and there are no vibrations or illuminated screens. No quick googling or sharing pictures of your meal on Instagram, just focusing on your dinner partners. SAMEN, the world’s first Faraday tablecloth: In Dutch, the word ‘samen’ means together. And that is what this tablecloth is about: reuniting people around the dinner table. SAMEN blocks your phone’s distractions and promotes face-to-face interaction. It encourages you to temporarily store your smartphone in one of the signal-blocking pockets during a dinner party. This allows you to talk to your lover, friends, or family without being interrupted. The rest of the world can wait (…).”

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