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三高炉 A2
三高炉 A2

Shougang No.3 Blast- Furnane Museum
Special recognition in architectural design

Design company: CCTN Design

Chief: Bo Hongtao (Team Representative); Design Team: Bo Hongtao, Liu Pengfei, Jiang Ge, Fan Dandan, Kang Qi, Wang Zeng, Zhou Mingxu, Zheng Zhixue; Structural and electrical design (CCTN Design): Bo Hongtao, Zhao Jiakang, Zhang Yang, Gao Wei, Zhang Zhicong, Zhu Xueyun, Kang Qi, Zhou Mingxu, Zhao Mengmeng, Ni Ziyu, Zhang Ying, Pang Tailong, Tan Xirui, Li Kehui, Wang Siwei, Xie Xiaoli Construction drawing (CCTN Design): Guo Facheng, Cui Xueyu, Wang Chao, Wang Xiangrong, Wang Meng, Hu Cuijuan, Zheng Hao, Zhou Le, Sun Yue, Jiang Zhiyong, Zhang Lixin, Su Wenjing, Li Yungen, Yu Ming song; Photo Credit: CTN Design.


Located at the northwest end of Shougang Park, the project covers an area of about 2.53 hectares, which is next to the Yongding River and backed by Shijing Mountain. The project is the most distinctive and stunning area with highest density of iron making equipment, as the starting of enterprise construction a century ago. The design uses 3 core strategies, which specifically refer to keeping the authenticity of heritage in physical environment, adding new functions to make the heritage blend with social life and showing respects to history via exhibition arrangements and spatial devices. The new and old buildings stay in a harmonious relation. The renovated part retains the holistic features of the industrial heritage while implanting new functional spaces inside. And the newly-built part utilizes the minimal volume and landscaped architecture to avoid interference on the style of heritage. The main function of the project is the Shougang Museum, which displays the heritage and legacy of the corporate development history. Through the way of empathy, visitors are evoked to go through the company’s century-old development history and the vision of the rise of the national industry behind it, the dream of the rise of the country and the city, the hardships and struggle of the enterprise and its employees, as well as the process of technological growth in the iron making industry etc. Some parts of the blast furnace itself were turned into sight-seeing areas where visitors can interact with the heritage, environment and the city. These include the casting house platform, canopy platform, hot-blast stove platform and the rooftop platform. The underwater parking lot meets the requirements for transportation infrastructure and greatly improves the convenience and accessibility of citizens. At the same time, elements, such as the underwater exhibition hall, Wall of Honor and Pillar of Honor, enrich the spatial experience and also enhance the cultural and social value of the heritage. On the east bank of the Xiuchi three “hilly-like” landscaped auxiliary buildings were added, which include academic lecture halls, temporary exhibition halls, souvenir sales and supporting restaurants hose spaces allow more possibilities for the citizens to relax, communicate, and enjoy exhibition activities at the heritage site, thus allowing material and functional safeguard for the heritage to enter daily urban life.