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Spring Art Museum

Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: Praxis d’Architecture (Di Shaohua – founding principal)
Photo credits: Praxis d’Architecture 

Description (parts): “Our clients for this project are from local who believe in contemporary art, and intended the museum to be a platform to promote young artists. The two main programs of the museum are art exhibition and artist residence. In the design we sought a piece of architecture that is open, culturally rooted, and arousing a feeling of sublimity, which we believe, although through different means, shares the same purpose as the art it accommodates. Located next to a lake, the site marks the east end of a cluster consisting of art exhibition spaces and artist studios. The lake is to the north, and in the south right adjacent is Song Zhuang Museum. The site is below the road level at south and east and surrounded by parapet at maximum 2m high. The building massing was resolved into a U shape that recalls traditional triple house courtyard familiar to the local people. The courtyard faces a road on the east side and provides entries to the main exhibition spaces. There is an uninterrupted path from the road level to the courtyard and then all the way to the roof, which facilitates outdoor art display, draws activities in and blurs the boundary between roof and facade.”

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