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Honorable mention in product design

Design: musk kolektyw (Józek Madej, Kasia Sąsiadek, Weronika Kiersztejn), collaboration: Ewelina Bidzińska, Martyna Berger
Photos credits: Julien Prudhomme (architect, sound artist)Artur Jurkowski, Marcin Michalak

Description (parts): “Edible Travel Guides to Silesia and Katowice. “Taste Katowice”and “Taste Silesia” are unconventional, delicious travel guides to our region. Unlike traditional boxes of chocolates, the aesthetics and quality of our chocolates are just as important as the flavor inside. This delectable guide was created with great attention to detail. The entire product design was built from scratch (…). “Taste…” is the next level of chocolate in the confection market. Unlike traditional products, each bite of our edible guide offers not only the pleasure of chocolate, but history as well. Landmarks, monuments, and unique places of the region will simultaneously stimulate the taste buds and tell their story. This multidimensional project can serve as a wonderful gift or souvenir from your Silesian trip (…).”

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