05 Honorable Mention Tru Unity Handle (1)
05 Honorable Mention Tru Unity Handle (2)
05 Honorable Mention Tru Unity Handle (3)
05 Honorable Mention Tru Unity Handle (4)

Tru Unity Handle – Honorable mention in product design

Design: TruRegard ltd.; Connor Musoke-Jones (founder, director)

Photo credits: TruRegard ltd.


Educating the need for non-excluding design that works for EVERYONE and looks good doing it. A door handle is more that just a tool to use a door, it’s an invitation to a space, experience and people. Too often that has been overlooked and NEEDS to be taught again. The Tru Unity door handle has been developed and designed with the concept of inclusivity and integration for mixed-ability and muliti-generational use in commercial, residential and public spaces. Adapting to support and guide the natural movements of different capabilities in a way that’s personal to the user; while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing form that engages users and de-stigmatizes associations by keeping someone’s capability private and personal. In an effort to better understanding around the need’s musculoskeletal conditions like Arthritis, which affect over 11million people in the UK alone (many of whom are under 30 years old) and conditions like muscular dystrophy. The higher purpose of the design is to “normalize” the idea of inclusive design, to make it a standard and not a specialist need. I have been developing the Tru Unity door handle for further inclusivity of all users. An effective hardware solution for accessibility, usability and inclusiveness. This modern, sleek, ergonomic and un-obtrusive design allows for over 300 times the leverage of a standard lever handle, with no pressure or force to/from the hands or wrists. As conditions like Arthritis can make the joints swollen and painful when put under pressure. This makes gripping and holding handles a painful and difficult prosses; discouraging use of spaces. We chose to relieve and lessen joint pains by transferring all the force needed to operate the door to come from body weight and the arms natural movement. Completely usable, along all 4-axis, regardless of capability: without the need for any fine motor controls, grip strength, dexterity, or even a hand. The design actively encourages curiosity and personal intuition around your needs. Its elongated shape and strategically places curves mean users get a level of support and stability no matter what their shape, size, range of movement or strength. Letting each user see a way to use the Tru Unity handle that works for them. Conforming to all relevant UK standards and regulations (BS’s) for accessibility, Fire safety, Usability, productivity and Disability Discriminations acts (DDA’s) and Equality acts (EQA’s) Easy to install, with a standard grub screw (blind set screw – non- UK) the level is attached to the spindle of the door mechanise in the same way as other standard lever handles. The use of standard components, fitting, manufacture and finishing techniques helps Tru Unity position itself, and its users, as a tool that can exist outside of “disability aid” equipment. Helping to integrate design for inclusivity into the standard, not the specialist.