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X Block – Honorable mention in product design

Design: X Block ApS, Denmark (Pascal Laraignou, Oliver Erritzoe)

Photos credits: X Block ApS


X Block is a unique, innovative toy building-block concept that kick-starts imaginative play, brings joy and provides children with opportunities to build and develop their creativity and mind. The unique building block is in big size (45 x 22 x 22 cm). Now you can build in actual size. The audience is from age 1 to 100. The block has some characteristic X’s on the top and side (therefor the name X Block). This makes it possible to combine just 6 blocks in more than 10.000 possible ways. Each combination possibility gives the child a new opportunity to create a product from their imagination. The plastic building blocks are developed and produced in Denmark, will last for up to 20 years and comply with the Statutory Order on Toys. You design and build your own Playhouse, Balance track, Soccer goal or what you need to play right now. Best is to connect the blocks correctly, so your construction is solid. If you which to use the additional products X Board, X Fix, and X Stick there is even more possibilities to make fantastic constructions. Children will learn the art of engineering and building, at a very early stage. X Block invite the children to cooperation and negotiation, as each child often has their own idea of a possible construction. X Block is mostly used in Kindergartens. They are in constantly use. Children can with X Block build their own playground equipment. This gives the children the ownership of the playground and a lot of self-confidence. Statement from a Kindergarten leader: The entire X Block system promotes creativity through play. The children can build and test different constructions and arrangements as well as involve them in their play while building a creative universe. The children think creatively and try to find opportunities and solutions until they succeed in building what is right for their particular play. The children need to collaborate and communicate with each other to build bigger things. It is of no use that someone breaks down and others build up. And more hands are often needed to pick up and bring, hold a place or help lifting something. Another important learning perspective is the motor. X Block is a great system for developing kids gross motor skills. First, the entire build-up process requires the children to control their motor skills. In addition, X Block offers a lot of opportunities to challenge the coarse motor through various lanes. It can be a balance track, obstacle course or maybe the soil is toxic!