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X Block

Honorable mention in product design

Design: X Block ApS, Denmark (Pascal Laraignou, Oliver Erritzoe)
Photos credits: X Block ApS

Description (parts): “X Block – a BIG building concept that stimulates the imagination – with a mission to make all kids creative and confident. X Block is a unique, innovative toy building-block concept that kick-starts imaginative play, brings joy and provides children with opportunities to build and develop their creativity and mind. The unique building block is in big size (45 x 22 x 22 cm). Now you can build in actual size. The audience is from age 1 to 100. The block has some characteristic X’s on the top and side (therefore the name X Block). This makes it possible to combine just 6 blocks in more than 10.000 possible ways. Each combination possibility gives the child a new opportunity to create a product from their imagination (…). Statement from a Kindergarten leader: The entire X Block system promotes creativity through play. The children can build and test different constructions and arrangements as well as involve them in their play while building a creative universe. The children think creatively and try to find opportunities and solutions until they succeed in building what is right for their particular play (…).”

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