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Zeytinli Mosque

Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: Office Istanbul Architects Team: Kemal Serkan Demir (Architect), Ece Türkel (Architect); Assistant architects: Can Güreser, Şeval Özakça, Zulal Coşan; Graphic Designer: Gökçe Türkel; Landscape Architect: Bülent Karataş
Photo credits: Office Istanbul Architects

Description (parts): “The building was desired as a primative building thickness with the design of the vertical blocks which is located in a specific axis by sitting the roof on. the design language and attitude that we consider is only made out of this philosophy like the first mosques which are the lack of any aesthetic considerations. as well as an easily understandable, clear, consistent scale architectural solution, the aim i̇s to create an original and qualified mass composition (…).”

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