The Design that Educates Awards recognize, showcase, and promote globally the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design that can educate. Each year, the esteemed panel of judges selects the outstanding ideas and implementations.

Starts in July


Masayo Ave Jury Dtea 2019 (1)

Prof. Masayo Ave


industrial designer, educator, founder of MasayoAve creation

Prof Ben Van Berkel ©els Zweerink

Prof. Ben van Berkel


founder of UNStudio & UNSense, Kenzo Tange Visiting Professor at Harvard University’s GSD

Prof Mikala Holme Samsoe Dtea21

Prof. Mikala Holme Samsøe


architect, urban planner, lecturer, founder of Samsøe og

Wallisser Tobias Klein

Prof. Tobias Wallisser


architect, cofounder of LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture

Sarang Sheth Jury Dtea 2019 (1)

Sarang Sheth


industrial designer, content writer and editor-in-chief at

Amandus Samsoe Sattler Dtea21

Amandus Samsøe Sattler


architect, founding partner at Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten

Prof Carlo Ratti Dtea21

Prof. Carlo Ratti


architect, founding partner at Carlo Ratti Associati, director at MIT Senseable City Lab

Matthias Hollwich Jury Dtea 2019 (1)

Matthias Hollwich


architect, AIA, principal at Hollwich Kushner, cofounder of

Dominic Harris

Dominic Harris


architect, artist, founder and creative director of Cinimod Studio

David Basulto Jury Dtea 2019 (1) Photo Matti Ostling Arkdes

David Basulto


founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of ArchDaily

Maria Aiolova Jury Dtea 2019 (1)

Maria Aiolova


designer, educator, leader of Arup University, cofounder of Terreform ONE

Shingo Ando Jury Dtea 2020 (1)

Prof. Shingo Ando


designer, educator, professor at Kyoto Arts and Crafts University

Jan Musikowski Jury Dtea 2020 (1)

Jan Musikowski


architect, cofounder of Richter Musikowski Architekten PartGmbB

Aidin Ardjomandi Jury Dtea 2020 (1)

Aidin Ardjomandi


industrial designer, manager of events in Istituto di Moda Burgo Qatar, founder of Ardjou Design Studio

Yussef Agbo Ola Jury Dtea 2020 (1)

Yussef Agbo-Ola


architect, chemist, environmental artist, founder of

Arturo Vittori Dtea Jury

Arturo Vittori


designer, architect, artist, cofounder of Architecture and Vision, CEO of Warka Water Inc

Christoph Richter Jury Dtea 2020 (1)

Christoph Richter


architect, cofounder of Richter Musikowski Architekten PartGmbB

Stefan Behnisch Foto Christoph Soeder

Stefan Behnisch


architect, philosopher, founding partner of Behnisch Architekten

Areti Markopoulou Jury Dtea 2020 (1)

Areti Markopoulou


architect, researcher, urban technologist, academic director at IAAC in Barcelona

Martin Bechthold Jury Dtea 2020 (1)

Dr. Martin Bechthold


architect, professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD)

Marvin Bratke Jury Dtea 2019 (1)

Marvin Bratke


architect, BART//BRATKE, visiting professor at Muthesius Academy of Arts

Paul Clemens Bart Jury Dtea 2019 (1)

Paul Clemens Bart


architect, designer, cofounder of BART//BRATKE

Mikiya Kobayashi

Mikiya Kobayashi


furniture and product designer, founder and director of Mikiya Kobayashi Inc.

Prof Barbara Holzer Photo(c)sven Banziger

Prof. Barbera Holzer


architect, lecturer, cofounder and director of Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Peter Kuczia Dtea21

Dr. Peter Kuczia


architect, founder of Kuczia Architects, initiator of the ‘Design that Educates Awards’

Winners 2020

Amager Bakke

Copenhill: Amager Bakke

Winner for the year 2020 in architectural design

BIG, SLA. The project, also known as ‘Amager Bakke,’is a 41,000 m2 waste-to-energy plant that turns social infrastructure into an architectural landmark with new nature activities and high biodiversity. Winner for the year 2020 in architectural design

Winner For The Year 2020 In Product Design Therapy Dolls Header

Alma – Therapy Dolls

Winner for the year 2020 in product design

Yaara Nusboim. Alma Therapy Dolls is a series of toys designed for children who are dealing with emotional problems and these toys are meant to be part of the therapeutic process.

Winner For The Year 2020 In Universal Design Acoustic Mirrors

Acoustic Mirrors

Winner for the year 2020 in universal design

LAX laboratory for architectural experiments. he Acoustic Mirrors at the Boulevard of Physicists are one of the biggest individually designed acoustic mirrors in the world, shaped as permanent elements of the public space in the city.

Winner For The Year 2020 In Responsive Design The Shed

The Shed

Winner for 2020 in responsive design

Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Rockwell Group. The Shed comprises a fixed structure with a stack of column-free galleries encased within a telescoping outer shell that slides onto an adjoining plaza, allowing the building to double its footprint on demand.

Honorable Mention In Responsive Design Guga S’thebe Theater

Guga S’Thebe Theater

Gold Prize in architectural design, Emerging Designers, Honorable mention in responsive design

Georgia Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen University, PBSA / University of Applied Arts Duesseldorf , Frankfurt A.M./Cologne: Arne Kuenstler; CS Studio Architects, AIT-ArchitekturSalon. Focused on sustainability, this self-initiated design was developed alongside the local community to meet their diverse needs.

Gold Prize In Product Design Portable Energy Converter

Portable Energy Converter

Gold Prize in product design

TruRegard ltd. This device has been designed, with users through-out, to show that some energy needs can be met in very simple ways and produced on demand for you by you.

Gold Prize In Responsive Design Platonic Naturalism

Platonic Naturalism

Gold Prize in responsive design

Alejandro Saldarriaga. Platonic Naturalism seeks to blur the line between what is landscape and what is architecture.

Silver Prize In Architectural Design Book House

Book House

Silver Prize in architectural design

Shulin Architectural Design. The book house is located in an ancient village in Wuyi and was developed by a local tourism real estate company.

Silver Prize In Product Design Light Phone Ii

Light Phone II

Silver Prize in product design

Light. Light Phone II is a simple, 4G LTE phone with a beautiful black & white E-ink display. It provides a way out from the constant consumption we are inundated with, and helps us get back to appreciating tangible experiences and regain meaning and purpose in our day-to-day lives.

Silver Prize In Responsive Design Lightweave


Silver Prize in responsive design

Futureforms. Lightweave translates ambient sounds from the city into dynamic auroras of patterned LED light. Slowly changing effects are activated by the noise and vibration of passing trains, cars and other sounds from the neighborhood.

Bronze Prize In Architectural Design Ecohouse V01

Ecohouse V01

Bronze Prize in architectural design

MAEB Students, IAAC Fablab Staff. Prototype showcases many inclusive, innovative, environmentally aware and self-sufficient solutions, including: an integrative design synthesizing inputs from the diverse building cultures of the international student body.

Bronze Prize In Responsive Design Acclimate


Bronze Prize in product design

Marta Nowacka. Archizo blocks is an educational jigsaw puzzle, which helps users to learn about the components of world-class architectural facades in the form of blocks made of colorful acrylic glass or ecological plywood.

Bronze Prize In Responsive Design Acclimate


Bronze Prize in responsive design

Wonseob Jung. By lacking the use of urban parks, the local community is the deficit of communal spaces to host public interactive activities, as well as an intermediate escape from the recurring intense heat.

Special Recignition In Architectural Design Experimenta Heilbronn

Experimenta Heilbronn

Special recognition in architectural design, Solarlux Choice 2020

Sauerbruch Hutton. The Experimenta building is like a spatial tool for learning and understanding, whose architecture underlines the educational purpose of the science centre. It stands at the centre of Heilbronn, on an island in the River Neckar.

Special Recignition In Architectural Design Ahsa Farmstay

Ahsa Farmstay

Special recognition in architectural design

Creative Crews Ltd. This project allowed the architect to examine Architecture as the relationship between buildings and culture. The Ahsa Farmstay project carefully considers sustainable tourism as a catalyst for cultural and knowledge exchanges, which benefits both tourists and locals, as well as positively impact the surrounding community.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Cis – Copenhagen International School Nordhavn

CIS – Copenhagen International School Nordhavn

Special recognition in architectural design

C.F. Møller Architects, C.F. Møller Landscape. The modern educational architecture is designed to link the school premises with the public sphere in the urban environment, and give the school an open ambience.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Beelieve Preschool For Life

Beelieve Preschool for Life

Honorable mention in architectural design

3Arquitectura y Asociados, S.C. The spaces are not only destined for a specific activity, but these are flexible and dynamic, this is how space becomes a tool that contributes to generating an appropriate learning environment. Honorable mention in architectural design

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Cc Office

CC Office

Honorable mention in architectural design

Creative Crews Ltd. A sensitive approach with brute, edgy and raw results. It also exhibits the versatility of the row house typology to accommodate a variety of uses Honorable mention in architectural design.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Municipal Toy Library Of Dólar

Municipal Toy Library of Dólar

Honorable mention in architectural design

Carquero Arquitectura. The project arises from the local administration and the creation of this leisure space for the children of the village and the promotion of the birth through unemployed people.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Havé Etoe Dormitory

Havé Etoe Dormitory

Honorable mention in architectural design

Students of Peter Behrens School of Arts, Georgia Institute of Technology, Havé Institute of Technology, Hochschule Koblenz. About 50 students have designed and built a midwife dormitory together with American students, German craft apprentices and Ghanaian vocational students during their semester break.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design House Of Lights

House Of Lights

Honorable mention in architectural design

Anastasia Elrouss Architects. Creating a new cultural building in a capital can be either an epiphenomenon or a founding event for a future collective memory.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Planthouse


Honorable mention in architectural design

Büro für Bauform. Upward extension of World War II damaged building with an integrated rooftop garden in a lightweight steel structure. The building proposes an answer on how people could be living in the future.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Spring Art Museum

Spring Art Museum

Honorable mention in architectural design

Praxis d’Architecture. In the design we sought a piece of architecture that is open, culturally rooted, and arousing a feeling of sublimity, which we believe, although through different means, shares the same purpose as the art it accommodates.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Museum Of Fire

Museum of Fire

Honorable mention in architectural design

OVO Grabczewscy Architekci. The only museum of fire in the world combines multimedia with play and learn attitude. Its educational function is strengthened with the unique architectural design.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Escuelita Buganvilia

Escuelita Buganvilia

Honorable mention in architectural design

Cúre & Penabad. The project is conceived with the belief that access to education is a critical component in combating poverty; and as such architecture can play an important role in educating and improving society.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Zeytinli Mosque

Zeytinli Mosque

Honorable mention in architectural design

Office Istanbul Architects. From past to present we can see adobe and mud which are common local material at Urfa and its close area. Honorable mention in architectural design.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Jenga House

Jenga House

Honorable mention in architectural design

Matra Architects and Rurban Planners. The growing densification in residential areas are affecting nearly all Indian cities and the subsequent pressure on the infrastructure demands rethinking of the existing building types.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Shikharam Residence

Shikharam Residence

Honorable mention in architectural design

Wallmakers. The client defined himself as somebody who loves to travel. He has travelled to distant lands in the country and the Himalayas caught his imagination the most. He said that he was lucky that his plot too was a lovely hilltop.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Manshausen 2.0

Manshausen 2.0

Honorable mention in architectural design

Snorre Stinessen Architecture. An extension of the Manshausen Island Resort opened in June 2015. The Island´s position between majestic mountains and the Barents Sea is in itself the inspiration for the design.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Museum Hotel Antakya

Museum Hotel Antakya

Honorable mention in architectural design

EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture. The archeological findings discovered in an excavation on the project site in Antakya which is close to St. Pierre Church, directed the employer who was planning to build a five-star hotel, to build a museum-hotel on the site.

Honorable Mention In Architectural Design Quadrant House

Quadrant House

Honorable mention in architectural design

Robert Konieczny KWK Promes. Investors wanted a simple, sunny and relaxing home, somehow reacting to the movement of the sun.

Honorable Mention In Product Design Coral

Coral: home algae farming

Honorable mention in product design

Hyunseok An. Algae are some of the most efficient CO2 scrubbers in the air, with ten times greater CO2 fixation than terrestrial plants.

Honorable Mention In Product Design Samen


Honorable mention in product design

Ralf Lambie. These days, we don’t seem to be able to function without our phones. Samen blocks your phone’s distractions and promotes face-to-face interaction.

Honorable Mention In Product Design Candlestick Egg Urns

Candlestick Egg-Urns

Honorable mention in product design

UrbanRIP. This “Ash-Sharing” urn is created to be interchangeable, modular, stackable and more than one urn can be placed within the same candlestick.

Honorable Mention In Product Design Phenotype 002

Phenotype 002

Honorable mention in product design

In Silico. Form of Phenotype bracelets results from the digital simulation of biological growth. Using specialized algorithms bracelets shapes are created. The prototypes are materialized through 3D printing.

Honorable Mention In Product Design X Block

X Block

Honorable mention in product design

X Block ApS. The entire X Block system promotes creativity through play. The children can build and test different constructions and arrangements as well as involve them in their play while building a creative universe.

Honorable Mention In Product Design Taste... Edible Travel Guides

Taste… Edible Travel Guides

Honorable mention in product design

musk kolektyw. Taste Katowice and Taste Silesia are unconventional, delicious travel guides to our region. Unlike traditional products, each bite of our edible guide offers not only the pleasure of chocolate, but history as well.

Honorable Mention In Product Design Harmonic Tablel

Harmonic Table

Honorable mention in product design

Julien Prudhomme. The Harmonic Table was born by introducing the sound as a founding material of its original design. It is the synthesis between an urban furniture, a sculpture and an instrument.

Solarlux Choice Solarlux Choice Phonotype


Solarlux Choice

Walda Verbaenen. This masterproject tries to show a visual identity for a language according to its phonology, that is both functionally and aesthetically new. By making adjustments and additions within the visual structure of a typeface, language can develop a proper visual identity.

Honorable Mention In Universal Design Camp Barker Memorial

Camp Barker Memorial

Honorable mention in universal design

After Architecture. In a time when the role of monuments, particularly those to the Civil War, is being debated by many in the United States, this project aims to shed light on oppression rather than celebrate valor in battle.

Honorable Mention In Universal Design Hi Ladders High

Hi Ladders High

Honorable mention in universal design

One Take Architects. Our aim is not to cultivate future architects, but to use architecture as a medium to perceive the real world, to guide and help children grow, and to let children return to the real world through physical participation.

Honorable Mention In Responsive Design Wondrous Light Children’s House

Wondrous Light Children’s House

Honorable mention in responsive design

Chang Architects. Physical play is often replaced by virtual play that does little to engage the physical senses. More children are engaged and addicted to the digital medium than interacting face-to-face with their peers. Wondrous Light Children’s House offers a living, breathing form of education.

Honorable Mention In Responsive Design Ocean Community

Ocean Community

Honorable mention in responsive design

Wojciech Morsztyn. Ocean community is a future mobility vision to deal with rising sea levels. By creating mobile domestic naval units, we transform a disaster zone into a habitable space, using the ocean as a living space.

Honorable Mention In Responsive Design Cloud Forests

Cloud Forests

Honorable mention in responsive design

UNITEDLAB Associates LLC. As a Pavilion for Children’s Play, we would like to awaken the children’s senses and create new play spaces for them to play together.

Honorable Mention In Product Design Spea+ Header (1)

Spea +

Honorable mention in product design

Future Edge Design Studio. Integrating technology and aesthetics has resulted in creating a sense of relaxation in the use of technological gadgets for all users.

Winners 2019

02 Special Recognition Museum Szczecin Thumbnail

National museum in Szczecin – Dialogue Centre Przełomy

Special recognition architectural design

Robert Konieczny. The building reconciles two conflicting traditions: the quarter and the square. This is how the urban hybrid was created, it encloses the space like a quarter, while maintaining values of open space.

04 Honorable Mention Tower Harvesting Water Thumbnail

Connecting with Clean Water

Honorable Mention Universal Design

Salim El Filali, Amirhesam Monshi. Our proposal is to build a bridge with a tower that can harvest water.

01 Winner Smog Free Project Thumbnail 2

Smog Free Project

Winner for the year 2019 in universal design

Studio Roosegaarde. A series of urban innovations to reduce pollution and provide an inspirational experience of a clean future. The project aims to create an immediate impact on a local scale and activate new solutions towards smog-free cities.

06 Honorable Mention Robotic Habitats Thumbnail

Robotic Habitats

Honorable mention in universal design

Noumena. The project aims to question the evolution of artificial intelligence into a new species, operating among the intersection of Nature and Technology in the Paljassaare Peninsula.

03 Special Recognition Ecocapsule Thumbnail


Special recognition in universal design

Ecocapsule Holding. Ecocapsule educates people towards energy saving consciousness. It is designed as a smart home, via a smart home app users get real time overview of how much energy and water is being spent for e.g. taking a shower, cooking pasta or charging phone.

05 Honorable Mention Egg Shaped Cradle Thumbnail

Egg-Shaped Cradle

Honorable mention in universal design

Cai-in Interior Design. Our design seeks to evoke the feelings of safety; the white, egg-like exterior is suggestive of a uterus, whose purpose is to elicit feelings of safety, relaxation and security, to soothe children’s excitable and restless nature.

02 Special Recognition Airship Series Thumbnail

Airship Series

Special recognition in universal design

Airship Series Breathe Earth Collective. A series of climate installations called “Airships”, that prototypically act as hybrids between “nature” and “technology”.

07 Honorable Mention Saline Machine Thumbnail

Saline Machine

Honorable mention in universal design

Fabian Partoll, Lukas Strigl. Our strategy was to create an efficient ecosystem that adapts to the surrounding conditions. Seoul has a large amount of air pollution and the site next to the river should function as an air cleaner.

08 Honorable Mention Interspecific Education Thumbnail

Interspecific Education

Honorable mention in universal design

David Stieler. Within this project the idea of “education” is literally used as a starting point for spatial creation itself.

10 Finalist Three Cubes Thumbnail

Three Cubes in the Forest

Finalist Universal Design

Three Cubes in the Forest Kotoaki Asano Architect & Associates. Playground equipment for children, public furniture, art objects, meditation rooms, arbors, small rest spaces, waiting rooms, chairs with roofs. Three cubes are the micro-architectures with the various characteristics and functions.

09 Finalist Social Justice Media Thumbnail

Social (Justice) Media

Finalists in universal design

Social (Justice) Media EUS+ Architects, Folio. When people send messages (tweets) to this museum about their city’s human rights and social justice using their smartphones, each unit connected wirelessly to each area receives the electronic signals and changes the angle of the unit by the mechanical system. The angle is towards that region.

06 Honorable Mention Ecd&f Thumbnail


Honorable mention in architectural design

Centers Active Social Architecture. The implementation of ECD (Early Childhood Development) centres is one of Rwanda Government’s flagship projects to improve education and invest in a sustainable future development of the country.

Medprostor Arhitekti Hisa Hribljane 2018

Hribljane House

Honorable mention in architectural design

Medprostor d.o.o.Despite its size, the house is barely notable in the broader landscape. Layout follows the existing terrain that helps the gradual escalation of the living quarters; foundations touch the ground in points only.

Dtea Futurium

Futurium Berlin

Winner for the year 2019 in architectural design

Richter Musikowski Architekten PartGmbB. The Futurium is a public building for Future-oriented exhibitions and events in the heart of Berlin. As a plus-energy building it achieves the BNB-Gold Status in sustainability.

04 Honorable Mention Tower Of Bricks Thumbnail

Tower of Bricks

Honorable mention in architectural design

Interval Architects. The project began with an abandoned Hoffman brick kiln, which was located between Hengshui wetland park and the city proper of Hengshui, China.

03 Honorable Mention Corridors Mosul Thumbnail

Corridors of Mosul

Honorable mention in architectural design

Maria Abi Raad. Architecture has the power to educate the people by communicating solutions around a certain theme. Because reaching sustainable development is globally the biggest challenge, it would be expected from our designs to respect and project the principles of success regarding this theme.

07 Honorable Mention Swisshouse Rossa Thumbnail

Swisshouse XXII Rossa

Honorable mention in architectural design

Davide macullo architects. Swisshouse rossa represents the constant commitment to build with respect for the places we inhabit and to make every effort in helping our understanding of civilisation.

09 Honorable Mention Haven House Thumbnail

Haven House

Honorable Mention Architectural Design

A Gateway in the Rocks Anastasia Elrouss Architects. Carved out in the rocky mountain and hidden between rocks and trees, a sloped cantilevered roof shelters the main reception space. The house creates an intense experience for the five senses in a short sequence of moments.

08 Honorable Mention Community Center Camburi (4)

Community Center Camburi

Honorable mention in architectural design

CRU! Architects: Bamboostic. A building by and for the local low-income community of Cambury, built as a social development project.

10 Honorable Mention Exterior Skin Wynwood Thumbnail

Exterior Skin (Wynwood Mixed-Use)

Honorable mention in architectural design

Faulders Studio. With a non-repeating pattern across the entire façade, we use geometric shape-shifting to perceptually alter the visual scale of the building. Delineated outlines are more expansive higher up, and address visual registration from a distance.

14 Finalist Children Eco Village Thumbnail

Eco Village

Finalists in architectural design

O2 Design Atelier Sdn. Bhd. The Children Eco-Village design is inspired by traditional Kenyan Maasai architecture that emphasize on the spirit of community, robust in-between spaces and the use of local materials.

17 Finalist Haddad Compound

Haddad Compound

Finalists in architectural design

Anastasia Elrouss Architects. The Haddad Compound is engaged in an ongoing conversation with its surrounding forests. A building that is composed of many parts, the “exploded” house encompasses a series of pavilions that surround the existing main house, which is geographically located on the highest point of the site.

11 Honorable Mention Residence Trivandrum Thumbnail

Residence in Trivandrum

Honorable mention in architectural design

Wallmakers. The primary idea was to ensure that the building wasn’t creating a hindrance in the flow of water. We had to come up with an alternative and sustainable solution which could also enhance the spatial quality.

13 Honorable Mention Unikato Thumbnail


Honorable mention in architectural design

KWK Promes Robert Konieczny. Modernist buildings of Katowice, once bright, for many years exposed to the smog, gradually got dirty and became almost black. Their white windows always contrast with the black of the façade. This observation has become an inspiration for the project.

12 Honorable Mention Chirath Residence Thumbnail

Chirath Residence

Honorable mention in architectural design

Wallmakers. In today’s world, it is a prevalent trend to add the prefix of sustainability to most things. However, there seems to be very little that is done to represent the concept. We, as a community, have devoted ourselves to the cause of using mud and waste as the chief components to make structures which are alluring and utilitarian.

16 Finalist Kaeng Krachan Library Thumbnail

Kaeng Krachan Library

Finalists in architectural design

Junsekino Architect and Design. Kaeng Krachan Library is a public library contributing to the community with a strong belief of the owner to distribute education to the folk which is not only limited for the locals.

15 Finalist Tetris Nursery (1) Thumbnail

Tetris Nursery

Finalists in architectural design

Iroje KHM Architects. Design concept of Nursery was to create diverse events of learning experiences. As for the programs of learning diverse experiences for kids, we tried to introduce various spatial events which are continued by strolling all around the places in this kindergarten.

04 Honorable Mention Today We Eat A Cow (2)

Today we eat a cow!

Honorable mention in product design

Today we eat a cow! Katharina Karras. The children started laughing and replied that this could only be nonsense. Seeing this real scenario it was obvious for me to create something that reacts to the problematic of our unconsciousness towards food and its origin.

05 Honorable Mention Tru Unity Handle (4)

Tru Unity Handle

Honorable mention in product design.

TruRegard ltd. A door handle is more than just a tool to use a door, it’s an invitation to a space, experience and people. Too often that has been overlooked and needs to be taught again.

06 Honorable Mention Histheroy


Honorable mention in product design

Bokor Gyöngyi, Csizmadia Zsolt, Kókai András, Mihalkovics Edina, Pipei Borbála, Szilágyi András. A board game with alternative theories of history, motivating students to think about history as a logical network of politics, sociology and human psychology.

02 Special Recognition Lets Make It Visible Thumbnail

Lets Make It Visible

Special recognition in product design

Elena Khloptseva,Asya Dyro. The models are dedicated to the topic of explaining the invisible world for children. Accumulation of knowledge is strongly connected to the way we get the new information.

03 Honorable Mention Frozen Mountain Thumbnail

Frozen Mountain

Honorable mention in product design

Napp Studio. Trained as architects, we often focus on large developments, buildings or urban plannings in hopes to create a better world and environment. Frozen Mountain, on the contrary, is a tiny artifact, compared to ordinary architecture-scale, yet, probably capable of achieving a much greater impact.

01 Winner Snap Interlock Modular System Thumbnail

SIMS: Snap-Interlock Modular System

Winner for the year 2019 in product design

Dioinno Architecture PLLC. The system can achieve limited geometric freedom. Despite further structural analysis and new interpretation necessary, this ‘part to whole’ system can be applied to the building structure, facade application as sub-structure, sheer wall, partition wall, and more.

01 Winner Soar Smart Class Thumbnail

Soar: VR Kit for Education

Honorable mention in product design, Emerging Designers

VR Kit for Education Jaewan Choi. It is a kit type product which can be put on a desk in the classroom. The VR headset is easy to see in the form of a magnifying glass, designed to be easy to peel off.

01 Winner Alternative Way To Educate Thumbnail

The Alternative Way to Educate

Finalists in universal design, Solarlux Choice 2019

IntuyLab. We are interested in designing educational processes where academia and society can relate and learn together. Our projects have led us to principles that define our philosophy.

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