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The Award Ceremony will take place on the Solarlux campus in Germany (Melle, Lower Saxony, Germany) on March 28–29, 2019. The ceremony will be hosted by Solarlux GmbH (strategic partner of the awards) and will consist of an exhibition of the results, lectures by selected members of the jury, laureates’ presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Architecture in the foyer. Architecture, cities, landscapes, art and design – these things have great potential to convey knowledge in and of themselves, and in an interdisciplinary context. Every perception of a design – whether it’s an indoor or outdoor space, an object or nature – initiates thought processes about its meaning. Informal learning outside of traditional educational institutions plays an important role in acquiring skills and knowledge, which calls for us to treat each other with appreciation and respect in our globalised world today. People observe their environment both consciously and subconsciously and store their subjective experiences of sight, touch and first-hand experience in their memories. This information is later evoked by association or reflection. What opportunities does this provide for expanded knowledge transfer in the work of architects and designers? How can design convey knowledge for years to come, taking into account the level of knowledge of designers and users?

Registration from 26/02/2019 at: The number of places is limited.

Participation is free of charge 

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“Enabling Resilience” – Crafting for Architectures on Demand– Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke (Bart//Bratke)

Based on Solarlux; mission statement to convince the world of the merits of greater transparency, lightness and vitality, the workshop will investigate into adaptable and resilient architecture systems that are modelled for an on-demand 21st century society. Taking clues from the company “Glass in Motion”, workshops will develop design proposals for highly flexible and transformable spaces. During the workshop, tutors will investigate the use of emerging state of the art design and analytical tools in architecture, which will integrate the principles of a circular economy, system and network theory, generative design, object oriented ontology and/or real-time feedback loops to create intricately crafted building systems which are able to adapt to changing demands and needs for a prosumer society.
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The Design that Educates Awards (DtEA) investigate the educational potential of architecture and design. The ability to communicate the implemented solutions and features is the main theme of the awards. Such an informational layer of design and architecture provides an important (yet not fully explored) opportunity for a dialog between the user and the designer. The result—a new type of learning environment—provides a space for the exploration of both the design itself and its relation to the vaster context. Each year, the esteemed panel of judges will select the most outstanding examples. The objective of the awards is to recognize, showcase, and promote globally the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design that educate.

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Maria Aiolova Photo Jury

Maria Aiolova (designer, educator, leader of Arup University, cofounder of Terreform ONE)

Shingo Ando Photo Jury

Prof. Shingo Ando (designer, educator, professor at Kyoto Arts and Crafts University)

David Basulto Photo Jury

David Basulto (founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of ArchDaily)

Dominic Harris Photo Jury

Dominic Harris (architect, artist, founder and creative director of Cinimod Studio)

Matthias Hollwich Photo Jury

Matthias Hollwich (architect, AIA, principal at Hollwich Kushner, cofounder of

Barbara Holzer Jury Photo Copyrights Mara Truog

Prof. Barbara Holzer (architect, lecturer, cofounder and director of Holzer Kobler Architekturen)

Mikiya Kobayashi Photo2

Mikiya Kobayashi (furniture and product designer, founder and director of Mikiya Kobayashi Inc.)

Peter Kuczia Photo Jury

Dr. Peter Kuczia (architect, founder of Kuczia Architects, initiator of the Design that Educates Awards)

Carlo Ratti Photo Jury

Prof. Carlo Ratti (architect, founding partner at Carlo Ratti Associati, director at MIT Senseable City Lab)

Amandus Samsøe Sattler Photo Jury

Amandus Samsøe Sattler (architect, founding partner at Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten)

Sarang Sheth Photo Jury

Sarang Sheth (industrial designer, content writer and editor-in-chief at

Tobias Wallisser Photo Jury

Prof. Tobias Wallisser (architect, cofounder of LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture)

Aidin Ardjomandi Photo Jury

Aidin Ardjomandi (industrial designer, director at Arena Design Studio)

Judges Paul Clemens Bart 1a

Paul Clemens Bart (architect, designer, cofounder of BART//BRATKE)

Marvin Bratke Jury Dtea 1d

Marvin Bratke (architect, cofounder of BART//BRATKE, visiting professor at Muthesius Academy of Arts)

Masayo Ave Photo Jury

Prof. Masayo Ave (industrial designer, educator, founder of MasayoAve creation)


During the first phase of the jury’s deliberation, finalists will be selected from the pool of all entries. During the second phase, from the pool of finalists, the winners and laureates of honorable mention will be selected in each category. In addition to the jury’s evaluation, representatives of Solarlux (strategic partner of the awards) will select from the pool of finalists the laureates of Solarlux Choice.


Winners in the category of architectural design
Winners in the category of product design
Winners in the category of universal design
Honorable mention (approximately 10 in each category)
Finalists (from the pool of all entries; approximately 50)
Emerging designer (additional label for students)
Solarlux Choice

Financial awards

1500 USD: Winners in the category of architectural design
1500 USD: Winners in the category of product design
1500 USD: Winners in the category of universal design
500 USD: Emerging designer (additional prize for students)

Exhibition & Award Ceremony

The projects of the winners and laureates of honorable mentions will be exhibited during the Design Forum on the Solarlux campus in Germany in 2019. The authors will be invited to present their designs during the ceremony.

Press packages

Finalists and winners will be presented on the website of the awards. The organizer will send out the press release to partners, media partners, and media sponsors after the announcement of the results.


The awards are a multidisciplinary call for ideas and implementations in the categories of (1) architectural design, (2) product design, and (3) universal design. Deliberation about the entries will consist of two phases: (1) selection of the finalists and (2) selection of winners and laureates of honorable mentions. Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria: feasible, verifiable, visionary, original, and comprehensive. The theme of the awards has been inspired by the research called ‘Educating Buildings’ (‘Bildende Bauten’) by Dr. Peter Kuczia. The submitted ideas should refer to the competition theme and underline the educational potential of design.

The submission consists of following files: 1) images of your design saved as JPG files in RGB mode with 200 dpi, 3000 x 1500 px in horizontal format (up to 5 files), 2) description of your design saved as DOC file (up to 500 words), 3) information about the author(s) saved as DOC file (eg. team members, companies, credits for photos etc.). Participants are free to decide about the graphical composition and content of the graphical files. Before submitting your design, please make sure to register. It is the first edition of the awards (launched in 2018, with results in 2019).

Images of your design and the file of the description of your design – should not include any personal information.

Team of professionals
Early: 125 USD; Regular: 150 USD; Late: 175 USD

Individual professional
Early: 75 USD; Regular: 100 USD; Late: 125 USD

Team of students
Early: 50 USD; Regular: 75 USD; Late: 100 USD

Individual student
Early: 25 USD; Regular: 50 USD; Late: 75 USD

Register for the awardsGuidelinesSubmit your design


Registration opens in October 2018

Early registration
until November 1, 2018

Regular registration
until January 1, 2019

Late registration
until February 1, 2019


Project submission deadline February 2, 2019

Jury deliberation
February 2019

Announcement of winners
March 1, 2019

Awards ceremony
March 28–29, 2019


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Solarlux (the strategic partner of the Design that Educates Awards) is a German manufacturer of Bi-folding Glass Doors, Wintergardens and Façade solutions. The Melle company, its individual glazing solutions and innovative design possibilities are a worldwide success. Solarlux wants to convince the world of the merits of greater transparency, lightness and vitality, and influence architecture the world over with its exclusive glazing solutions. More about Solarlux.

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