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Coral: home algae farming

Honorable mention in product design

Design: Hyunseok An (Rhode Island School of Design)
Photo credits: Hyunseok An

Description (parts): “Algae play a critical role in the sustainability of human life and our ecosystem. Algae are some of the most efficient CO2 scrubbers in the air, with ten times greater CO2 fixation than terrestrial plants. The 1974 UN World Food Conference deemed algae ‘the most ideal food for mankind,’ and NASA uses algae as dietary supplements on long-term space missions because of the rich, well-balanced nutritional content (…). Through its use and indoor experience, The Coral aims to change the preconception of algae, suggesting a socially acceptable way of reconnecting with algae and bringing it into our everyday lives. By doing so, The Coral can help us take one step forward to a better, more sustainable way of living, for us and for our world (…).”

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