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elixir. re-act for our water
Honorable mention in product design

Team members: Henrike Mohr, Esther Grünewald students at Münster School of Design, FH Münster (all photos were taken by ourselves)


Elixir. re-act for our water is a series of five different water glasses, which aims to encourage a responsible use of our clean drinking water. The design of the glasses makes clean water appear dirty and thus breaks the everyday routine access to drinking water. Each glass represents one continent and reflects the most polluted river of that continent. Everyone should identify with the issues around them, because the global problem of the increasing pollution of drinking water affects everyone. Access to drinking water is a basic human right. We want to help raise awareness for the 785 million people who don’t have that access by educating about that topic. These glasses give the buyer the opportunity to join and share our vision by becoming active himself.