Futurium Berlin – Winner for the year 2019 in architectural design

Design: Richter Musikowski Architekten PartGmbB: Christoph Richter, Jan Musikowski, Sebastian Haufe, Elke Sparmann, Martina Huber, Nele Gessner, Daniel Eckert, Domenico Foti, Yvo Coseriu, Christine Darn, Elisabetta Vito, Johann Schulz-Greve, Phillip Rohé

Photo credits: Schnepp Renou, Dacian Groza


The Futurium is a public building for Future-oriented exhibitions and events in the heart of Berlin. As an plus-energy building it achieves the BNB-Gold Status in sustainability. It is completely barrier-free. The building will serve as an open public place for presentations and will promote the dialogue between research, development and citizens. Future-oriented developments of national and international significance will be made visible through exhibitions and events. Location and Facade Embedded between the Spree Riverbend, the Berlin main station and the Charité Hospital, the Futurium creates its own sculptural identity in this ensemble. On the two main sides of the building two public spaces are defined by setting back the building. The entrances have cantilevering canopies of up to 18 meters generating sheltered public spaces. A pattern of dots covers the entire public space and lends it its own identity. The façade is made up of a reticular grid of shimmering diamond shaped panels. Under the constantly shifting lighting conditions they generate an ever-changing cloud image. Forum, Futurium Lab and Cloud The inner structure is divided into 3 large spheres – the „Futurium Lab“ in the basement, the “Forum”- spaces are placed on the ground floor. The permanent exhibition is on the upper floor. The “Forum” is designed as an open, warm and lightfull space of communication. The “Futurium Lab” on the lower level is designed as a subterranean laboratory. Dark-colored on-site concrete, black asphalt floors and a ceiling grid made of fluorescent lamps lend this space a contemplative atmosphere. Energy Concept The optimized and extremely energy- and climate-friendly energy concept uses as much as possible the regenerative energy of the sun. The goal is a high coverage of the own energy demand under fine tuning of active and passive measures. This is made possible by an intelligent combination of energy generation and energy storage, as well as rainwater harvesting for adiabatic cooling and a highly efficient and compact building envelope. The Futurium is designed as a plus energy house with a plus of 8kWh / (sqm/a). With the appeareance of a large “solar-sail”, the roof is almost completely covered with photovoltaic and solar thermal elements. A public walkway is located on the roof with views to the city and large photovoltaic areas – the Skywalk. Visble Energy Storage The local storage of energy is done by a large mass storage in the middle of the building. It uses paraffin as a highly efficient storage medium. The paraffin mass storage is enclosed by a PCM-filled glass facade. It works as a didactic display, showing the functionality and charging states in to the visitors. Lighting concept The lighting of the ground floor is realized via linear LED lights lying above the grid ceiling. A specially designed metal grid ceiling directs and diffuses the light. It reacts and corresponds sensitively to the visitors and is a vivid example of energy saving. Fine dynamic light patterns or cloudy amorphous shadow figures with differentiated contrasts can subtly float across the light ceiling.