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Hi Ladders High

Honorable mention in universal design

Design architecture: One Take Architects, Lead Architects: Li Hao; Cooperation: Sunners; Little Architects: Yan Zibo, Peng Zehua, Zhou Yao, Wang Lanqing, Zhou Zhihao, Zhou Yifei, Zhang Nanqing, Yang Tingting, Xiao Sihao, Zhou Lei, Hu Ziying, Wang Mingshuo, Luo Anqi, Li Tianyu, Wang Zihao, Wu Dun, Zhang Kexin, Wang Ling, Zhang Gan, Yang Di; Volunteers: Lv Jiaxin, Tang Zihan, Shi Yufei, Guo Qijun, Chen Gaojie Photo credits: Kang Wei, Li Kexin, Cai Xinyuan, Shi Yufei

Description (parts): “Hi Ladders High is a non-profit project launched in summer. In the Summer Camp of Tanghe Primary School in Luotian County, Hubei Province, One Take Architects and Sunners, together with college volunteers and left-behind children designed and built this spatial installation. Hi Ladders High consists of 20 independent wooden ladders. This kind of ladder is one of the most common and easily accessible tools in China’s rural areas. Since each ladder has a completely independent and relatively stable structure with a highly adjustable angle of inclination, these 20 ladders present plenty of possibilities of spatial combination (…). Architecture as a medium to perceive the real world: Our aim is not to cultivate future architects, but to use architecture as a medium to perceive the real world, to guide and help children grow, and to let children return to the real world through physical participation, thus bringing their interests back to the real world (…).”

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