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Honorable mention in architectural design

Design: OVO Grabczewscy Architekci (Barbara Grabczewska & Oskar Grabczewski) Team: Beata Kosok, Marta Musiał, Agnieszka Krzysztonek, Martyna Wojtuszek Client: City of Żory, Nowe Miasto Żory Ltd.
Photo credits: Tomasz Zakrzewski / archifolio

Description (parts): “The story of the Museum of Fire started when we were asked to design an exposition pavilion that should promote the city of Żory and to showcase its offerings to newcomers, tourists, partners and investors as well. The pavilion was to be situated with prominence on an exposed site near the main access road to the city. The plot had a lot of disadvantages, especially a great number of underground infrastructure that left only very strange, irregular shaped pieces of land to build on. We were not able for a long time to come up with any reasonable solution. We started to study again and again the commision. We were seeking for the crucial factor that should define the design – the main idea (…). The only museum of fire in the world combines multimedia with play and learn attitude. Its educational function is strengthened with the unique architectural design. The whole building is a big metaphor of fire – its color, material and shape resembles the fire and clearly shows its function (…).”

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