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Platonic Naturalism

Gold prize in responsive design

Design: Alejandro Saldarriaga (Harvard Graduate School of Design) Instructor: Sergio Lopez-Pineiro; Studio:The Immeasurable Enclosure
Photo credits: Alejandro Saldarriaga

Description (parts): “Platonic Naturalism seeks to blur the line between what is landscape and what is architecture by not only utilizing a site’s immediate context as a source for building materials, but also closely examining the effect of using the natural features of the surrounding landscape in the construction process. The result renders architecture, traditionally thought of as artificial and imposed upon a site, as a harmonic natural atmosphere (…). There came a point in the design process in which the interior atmosphere of the center was so successful at achieving a natural expression, that any architectural qualities of the project were obscured. The challenge then became how to balance between the two. A very precise placement of handrails, light fixtures, and furniture with contrasting materialities allows this project to be inhabited (…).”

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