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Soar: VR Kit for Education – Honorable mention in product design, Emerging Designers

Design: Jaewan Choi

Photo credits: Jaewan Choi


Digital textbooks have been supplied in many countries, and classes run with Tablet PC PCs. Since the education using AR and VR enables students to have more stereoscopic and livelier experiences with different spaces, its effects and potentials have been proven, so that it has been included as contents in the digital textbooks. And yet, the fact that you should have too many products when you would like to use VR devices limits the actual distribution and utilization. (When you use VR contents, you should mount a mobile device (mobile phone) containing another CPU in addition to the Tablet PC already supplied in order to use VR, and since an HMD equipped with a display is specialized in games, it has a problem that it is heavy and voluminous to students.)   is a VR kit for education, which may produce synergy in the existing environments where Tablet PCs have been supplied. Thanks to the method of connection to a Tablet PC, the number of necessary devices decreased from five to one. It is a kit type product which can be put on a desk in the classroom. It was designed compactly in the shape and size suitable for students’ body. The VR headset is easy to see in the form of a magnifying glass, designed to be easy to peel off.